How ‘FROZEN’ Changed My Life

“What does the fox say” seems to be a question of the past and now our minds have moved on to building snowmen. I am all about catchy so those cute little tunes are constantly bouncing around in my mind fighting for space…often winning over things like remembering to start the laundry or pulling dinner out of the oven on time.
The other day as I drove through town running errands, I caught myself singing “Watching the hours tick byyyyy…” right before turning on my blinker…tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…
In closing, I realize that I am only contributing to the madness by humming these little tunes thereby passing them subliminally to other unsuspecting nuts. Even yet, I still cannot help but to combat my children arguing by turning to them with a sly smile and a melody on my tongue as I tell them lovingly to ‘Let It Go’ 🙂

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