Where I Wanna Be

There is a harsh reality

Living between two worlds

One seen with eyes wide open

One seen with eyes closed tight


Eyes closed, perfection

Only laughter, only beauty

Eyes opened, a broken world

People dying, children lost


Eyes closed, there are no limits

No worries, no cares

Eyes opened, loved ones lost

Gone too soon, true despair


Eyes closed, adventures await

Go anywhere, be anyone

Eyes opened, life mundane

Day to day, mere existence


Eyes closed, adventures grow weary

Hidden in darkness, kept still

Eyes opened, beyond worries

Little ones laughing, joy abounds


Eyes closed, no longer appealing

Suddenly constricted, slightly imprisoned

Eyes opened, human connection

My little ones playing


Eyes closed, colors have faded

I long for the light

Eyes opened, where I want to be

Happiness abounds


Eyes closed, I’m missing too much

Moments slip by

Eyes opened, I realize this place

Which I have tried to avoid

Is exactly where I want to be

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