I’ve Got The Halloween Boos!!!

I was recently given a prompt in a writers meeting that has been, by far, one of the more entertaining prompts. I had so much fun with this one. The prompt was “I’ve got the Halloween boos”

I believe that it was meant to cause one to consider writing on “Halloween Blues,” but I chose to be different and I wrote about Halloween Booze. Enjoy! 🙂


I swear to you, a swear like no other

I just saw Dracula holding hands with my mother!

Not to mention that witch, flying high on her broom

Sweeping across the ceiling of this very room.

And the Grim Reaper over there, keeps giving me the eye

He’s either flirting, or I’m about to die!

The ghosts all started dancing, a ghostly twerk

And the bartender, Frankenstein, is really quite a jerk.

A skeleton is serving drinks, drinks a plenty

And if you want my opinion, the devil has had one too many!

And what about that scarecrow, attacked by a bat

He never saw it coming, now there’s poop on his hat!

And that eerie looking goblin who struck me as odd

He is now looking handsome and what a nice bod.

Wait…putting it all together, it’s time for me to cruise

Cause I think I’ve been dipping in the Halloween booze!!

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