On the day you were born

Intimate reflection of a mother’s heart so perfectly worded. I’m left in tears.

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On the day you were born nothing went according to my plan.

I had read What to Expect When You are Expecting.

I had dog-eared the pages.

I was prepared.


Let’s do this. Let’s gather together and welcome my daughter into this world.

My brother-whom you definitely would want by your side in any emergency situation-was by mine, as was my mother, and my dad until things got bad.

And they did, get bad.

We were known as the miracle birth, because we were both so close to death. I remember the nurse standing on a stool squeezing IV fluid into me . . . fast.

I was cold, so very cold.

I remember the doctor, shouting, “Bring me the baby! She needs to see her daughter!”

He was not my original OBGYN, but a stranger, because we needed-or so it seemed- every available doctor to bring you into this world.

Only you…

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5 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be A Writer Today

Dysfunctional Literacy

He’s grinning because he hasn’t noticed any of his mistakes yet. (image via wikimedia) He’s grinning because he hasn’t noticed any of his mistakes yet. (image via wikimedia)

It’s easy for most writers to be negative.   It’s tough to make enough money to earn a living.   We’re never satisfied with what we’ve written.  No matter how many people read and respond to our work, it’s never enough.  But even with these challenges, it’s better to be a writer today than it’s ever been.

1. Writing is physically easier than it’s ever been.

Authors used to have to physically hold a pencil or a pen and physically write out each word on a sheet of paper.  Even worse, back in the really old days, writers had to dip quills into ink and then got beaten by monks if they made a mistake.

I’m not sure that ever really happened because there’s no ancient video footage of monks beating writers who made mistakes.  If there’s no…

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Writing to a Picture Prompt

Picture Prompt

I very much enjoy writing to a prompt. It is refreshing to narrow down your options a little and let creativity flow within the confines of said prompt! At our last Dalton Area Writers meeting, we all shared a picture that we had chosen and written about. I chose this photo for several reasons that all boil down to….because I liked it. I wrote a poem which is not my normal genre but I am working hard to stretch myself a little. I wanted my readers to feel as though the lady in the photograph was simply desiring to jump into the cool waters when in reality, she was speaking of jumping to her death. My purpose was to bring awareness to the hearts of those around us. Enjoy!

The water before me, just out of reach

Poetic refreshment, it whispers to me

I long for its depth, to know how it flows

I follow its moves, it carries so free

I stand upon the rocks

Its movements entice me

It grasps at my soul

We dance like we are free

I’m left with desire, the need to jump

The void inside, I beg now to fill me

Waiting. Wanting. Not yet completed

Pull back limitations, set us free

On the verge of fiendish iniquity

Will it open to receive me

I glance down at my objective

And leap just to be free

Submerged in its refuge

It now completes me

But soon awake to realize

My dream can never be