What I Found In Santa’s Beard

I was looking for cookies,

At least a small crumb

Maybe some sugar plums

Or a big ball of gum


I thought I’d find pie

Maybe apple or cherry

I looked for turkey and gravy

I searched for a hint of cranberry


I was sure there would be snowflakes

And a pound or two of glitter

But all I found was rotten milk

And a scent of reindeer litter


I didn’t hear laughter or giggling

There was no music or sound

It wasn’t long after starting

Signs of a struggle I found


The trail of bright red icing

Looked eerily like a sugary blood

And the brown mush that lay all around

Like smooshed cookie as thick as mud


I saw evidence of a bright, shiny button

And the most adorable green bowtie

And I knew without as much as a question

I smelled ginger but didn’t know why


All of a sudden it hit me

I knew just what was wrong

It was right there in front of me

It had been there all along


This man with the image of goodness

I had become such a fan

But look out for our sweet, jolly Santa

For he ate the Gingerbread Man

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